Poodle Health
Raw Food Diet, NuVet and Vaccinations

Good nutrition is also of utmost importance. After my father lost his dog to tainted dog food from China a few years back, we did our homework and researched many alternatives. We decided on feeding a Raw diet based on the prey model 80% meat 10% organ and 10% bone. We also add salmon oil, sea meal, yogurt, apple cider vinegar and some fruits and veggies. The results are clean teeth, wonderful coat, fresh breath and glowing health. When we do occasionally feed kibble we use Orijen a grain free kibble. This is beneficial because most dogs that have food allergies have grain allergies.


We also give NuVet vitamins. They are human grade, filled with antioxidants and the dogs LOVE them. It just fills in the gaps that kibble or homemade food may lack.

My dogs all have great coats, wonderful black points, shinny nails, clean teeth and overall great health. I attribute that mostly to,  good diet, NuVet and regular exersize, and maintaining them at a healthy weight. 


In the last few years vacination protocols have changed. I don't vacinate until they are 8 weeks old for their first shot. I then recomend shots be followed at 12weeks and 14 weeks. Shots should not be bundled if that can be avoided and I do not give Lepto to any of my puppies. Many dogs have alergic reations to this vacine. Only give this if it is a real problem in your area. Check with your vet. Rabies should be given as late as the law allows in your area of the country.

Many vets have changed to an every 3 year boster instead of yearly. While this is much better, I believe a titer or blood test to see if they still have immunity is the best choice. Yearly vacination has been shown to damage the immune system.
UC Davis did a  study and found that most dogs have lifetime immunity after puppy shots and 1st rabis shots. If you think about it we don't vacinate our children yearly for the same thing over and over so why do it to our dogs? Rabis is something you must follow the law on, but the same has been shown for that as well.

I do however think a yearly exam by your vet is important.

NuVet Plus can help heal and protect against the ravages of free radicals that attack your pet throughout its life. We use this product and highly recommend to our Puppy People. NuVet is not sold in stores, Please order your supplies here: NuVet